Wayne Erskine graduated from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and began his career in the Hartford area. His early goals were to immerse himself in client centered approaches along with diverse and interesting post graduate courses. Along the way he received training in many massage techniques and other modalities including deep tissue, sports massage, hot stone, pregnancy, pain management, Healing Touch, and mindfulness.  He  also studied with Tracy Walton, the country’s foremost oncology massage educator. This training also led him into working with stroke patients in local nursing homes and finding an underserved population of individuals in need of the healing touch found in massage therapy. He is forever grateful to Tracy and her workshops for opening doors to a remarkable group of people who so appreciate the work massage therapist provide on their journey through the cancer maze. Wayne is also experienced working with a variety of individuals, runners, weight trainers, dental hygienists, doctors and lawyers, each with their own work related issues. He takes the time, at your intake, to look carefully over your medical history and personal background to plan with you a course of action. The physical and emotional stress of daily tasks can take a toll and massage can play an important role in many situations. Others come to him as part of their own personal wellness plan. Massage is beneficial in many ways and the science is there to validate. We feel better, relax better, and sleep better when receiving massage and Wayne advocates this in his practice. He looks forward to meeting and working with each one of you, and together planning ways massage can benefit your specific needs.